"You're not like everyone else, and we're not here to fit a mold."


Here's where you'll get all the tools you need to become the athlete of your dreams. From lesson plans, to in-person training, at-home fitness workouts, a vault full of hitting drills and mental game practices...and we're just scratching the surface.

Here's a list of things you'll find inside...

Weekly Hitting Sessions with Ashley Tuesday nights.

Spend each and every Tuesday learning about the swing and working on growing your mechanics with Ashley! Members get this perk and no one else!

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Exclusive access to 1-1 Virtual Lessons with Ashley!

Virtual lessons with one of the best hitting coaches in the game is one of the BIGGEST perks you have while being a member of the #SMASHTRIBE Academy! Also enjoy 20+ drills located inside the program that will help you work on increasing leg strength, power, hand path, barrel speed, and timing that you can do from home!

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It's time to take the plunge on the greatest softball resource out there.

Ashley Burkhardt Training's BEST stuff is all housed under one roof, and YOU will have access to all of it as soon as you become a member!

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Access to hundreds of hours of exclusive coaching videos

Learn how to develop confidence by establishing good habits and routines to your game! The BEST athletes have a clear vision of their dreams and goals. Inside the membership are coaching videos to help athletes find their inner edge and start taking OWNERSHIP of their training.

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A private Facebook community of like-minded athletes, parents and coaches like you!

When the going gets tough, there's nothing better than friends who have your back. You're each on your own separate softball journey, but there's nothing like a softball community that just GETS YOU like this Private Facebook Group!

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Because your tomorrow will thank you for it.

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